ServeSmart is a best-in-class restaurant automation solution. ServeSmart supports self-service Kiosks, QSR, casual and fine dining formats. The solution enables restaurant operators and their owners to manage end-to-end operations of their business, from the Front-of-the-House to the Back-of-the-House table to the kitchen.
ShopSmart is an end-to-end retail automation solution for large format retail businesses. The innovative, clamp-on, purpose built tablet computer, with secure payment options, converts any shopping cart to a SmartCart. The SmartCart provides product location information, pre ordering of merchandise, recipe based ordering, merchandise information, promotions, and discounts based on user or purchase profiles. A key feature is self-checkout at the cart, eliminating expensive cashier points.
SellSmart is a comprehensive sales force automation solution that provides optimized sales beat routing, GPS based route maps, online sales tracking, and order taking at customer shops. Features such as online stock check, supply chain logistics, photographic proof of shelf space arrangement at the shop, billing, and account management, provide a complete spectrum of services to optimize the sales process. Online promotions, merchant loyalty programs, and secure business analytics in real time, make this the gold standard in sales force automation.
RetailSmart is a fully integrated retail business automation solution that ‘IT’ enables Mom & Pop Stores to meet the challenges posed by modern retail, especially in emerging markets, without the attendant need for ‘IT’ infrastructure, or ‘IT’ skills. The Solution provides efficiencies, increased profitability, and new revenue streams by way of value added services.
Best-in-class, fully integrated petroleum retail automation, with order taking and secure payment receipt at the car. FuelSmart uses Wi-Fi handheld ordering and payment, and ‘C’ store management using a dual screen POS with wireless weighing scale.
Business process management on the cloud – especially suited for manufacturing sector. This end - to – end solution provides control starting from material procurement, Inventory management, manufacturing, dispatch, accounts management, personal management to statuary compliance management with just internet connectivity.
PaySmart provides seamless payroll processing and employee benefits management with biometry based attendance monitoring/access control, and Stored value card (SVC) based food court payment capability. The bureau-service on the cloud completely eliminates huge finance and administrative infrastructure needs to support this important HR function.
Fully secure transaction acquisition, data storage, and processing for reliable online lottery operations. The table top terminal with wireless optical mark reader is highly suitable for in-store lottery coupon sales. The mobile handheld terminal, and on demand transaction printer, make this solution ideal for emerging markets, replacing pre-printed coupon sales by roadside vendors.
Unique, measurable, and auditable advertisement content delivery system, that provides contextual real time advertising on demand. Capabilities span from the granularity of a single display, to isolated display screens across geographies.

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