About Us

Started two and a half decades back as a R&D and product development company with a Canadian Government grant, Pace Automation Limited has over its life span reinvented itself in tune with the time and technology to become the leading “Solution as a Service Company” in India, providing end-to-end automation solutions to retail businesses across different verticals.
With deep domain knowledge and successful large installation base of happy clients, Pace will be your technology partner who will play an important role in your growth process.
With our philosophy of upgrading our solutions to meet the changing technology, business and market requirements, you will have a solution that is current now and in the foreseeable future.

Our Solutions

With its flagship solution “ServeSmart”, Pace provides restaurant retail automation services to more than 3,500 restaurant outlets in India and abroad. Pace has developed and deployed best-in-class solutions in Sales Force Automation, Business Process Automation, Small, Medium as well as Large Format Retailing, Petroleum Retail, Online Lottery and Turf Club Automation and Remote Digital Content Delivery to the granularity of a single display and so on.

The latest offering is “RetailSmart”, a solution to “IT” enable the Kirana shops across the country. The company’s vision is to have more than 150,000 Kirana merchants in its network by the year 2020. This will be the first time that any company will create such a large digitally connected network and will be known as the SmartKirana™ Network.

The entire suite of solutions are cloud based and hosted on the IBM Cloud infrastructure with physically separated identical IBM cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery and business continuation. The backend processing engines are homegrown, fine honed, reliable and very powerful providing seamless transaction collection, processing and dissemination of MIS, Analytics and Business Intelligence to its stake holders in realtime.

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Our People


S G Chandru

Chairman & Mentor

Pace Automation is Chandru’s vision which was often ahead of its time. Chandru pioneered concepts such as Cloud Computing, Transactional Intelligence and SaaS when they had not even entered technology lexicon but they were mere common-sense to him and are heralded as big advancements by the industry today.
Before founding Pace, Chandru worked in numerous industries with broad mandates and accomplishments such as building model airplane engines, setting up the high speed Zinc Carbon battery manufacturing line, establishing an electronic toy manufacturing company and so on.
In his forty years of professional life, Chandru has managed every role in a business, from engineering to product management to head a company as its CEO. He raised CDN 1.4M from Canadian Government for technology incubation which helped set up PACE. He has served as head of Electronics sector of CII and is active in grass-roots technology incubation. He is an avid aero modeller and is often found flying his numerous model planes on Sundays. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical, from Anna University.
Pace is fortunate to have Chandru focus on envisioning new solutions and strategising to enter new verticals. and new markets.














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